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Edinburgh's Doors Open Festival

The 28th and 29th of September 2024 


Go behind the scenes at some of Edinburgh’s most unique historic venues, ranging from the University of Edinburgh to a series of historic homes and offices across the city, the ultimate event for keen historians or travellers wanting to go off the beaten path.

  • Statue of John Knox in the New College quadrangle of University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Uncover Edinburgh’s Hidden Gems: Dive Deep with Doors Open Days!


The 28th and 29th of September 2024 

Every September, Doors Open Days transforms Edinburgh into a playground for the curious. Forget the usual tourist trail – this free festival throws open the doors to hidden gems, offering a chance to delve into the city’s lesser-known corners and ignite your passion for its unique history.

Imagine stepping into the hallowed halls of a University of Edinburgh College, city library or historic archives. Doors Open Days will grant you access to the intricate anatomy museum at Surgeons’ Hall, or the historic libraries brimming with forgotten knowledge at King’s Buildings. Perhaps you’ll wander the neoclassical halls of the School of Law, where legal minds have been shaped for centuries.

Craving maritime history? Immerse yourself in the grandeur of the Custom House. Explore the very building that once saw the bustling heart of Edinburgh’s trade, where exotic goods arrived from far-flung corners of the globe. Stand where countless ships were cleared and imagine the tales whispered within these walls. Or explore characterful homes in the Royal Mile including Riddle’s Court or Adam Smith’s Panmure House.

But Doors Open Days isn’t just about grand buildings. It’s about uncovering the stories woven into the city’s fabric. Meet passionate volunteers who’ll bring Edinburgh’s past to life. Learn about the pioneering doctors who revolutionized medicine, the dedicated scholars who pushed the boundaries of knowledge, or the enterprising merchants who built the city’s fortune.

This festival is your chance to peek behind the curtain. Explore hidden courtyards tucked away in bustling streets, or lose yourself in the quiet contemplation of a secret garden. Doors Open Days grant you access to hidden facets of Edinburgh, revealing the vibrant tapestry of lives that have unfolded within its walls.

Mark your calendars for the 28th and 29th of September 2024, perfect timing to be one of the first to experience The Resident Edinburgh!



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