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Our accessibility statement

  • A hotel lounge with sofas, a coffee table and lamps.

Resident Hotels take their responsibility as a goods, service and facilities provider seriously and have taken steps to ensure compliance with the Equality Act 2010.

Exceeding guests’ expectations

Resident Hotels is constantly striving to exceed guests’ expectations in terms of the general hotel experience, whether or not they have accessibility challenges.

Physical environment

Parts of our hotel buildings date back to the mid-1800’s and although the buildings are not listed there are some factors relating to them where there is an ongoing challenge in complying with the Act. However, where there are no restraints, we have been able to make significant improvements to the properties to incorporate lifts where there are changes in level and create accessible bedrooms. Our accessible bedrooms have been designed with strobe lights, audible fire alarms, emergency bathroom pull chord and “wheelchair drive in” showers.

We provide free of charge:

  • A portable hearing loop
  • Vibrating pillow alert
  • A waterproof shower chair


It is our duty to ensure our staff are aware of the Equality Act 2010 and our responsibilities as a provider and their duty as employees. We have implemented a continual assessment programme, taking into account the changing roles and duties of employees. To this aim we have an ongoing training programme with our employees so that they can meet the many challenges that our guests with accessibility issues have to face and ensure that their experience in the hotel exceeds their expectations at all levels. This process of staff training is continuous and on-going to meet our own drive to improve our standards.


We aim to inform our guests of facilities that are in place through our brochure and website, as well as detailing physical barriers. We will continue to produce digital material in a format which enables guests to view all our content in minimum standard of software, which allows font sizes to be modified as required by the individual. Any written material will, as standard, always also be available in a digital format, for ease of viewing.

Employees will assist guests by reading material produced by Resident Hotels for guests unable to read. We also have a portable hearing loop available for use by hearing impaired guests.

Continual improvement

We have an on-going and continuous improvement programme and as and when we improve the property, we will ensure that consideration is always given to our guests with disabilities. Inevitably, in our older buildings some areas will be less accessible in the short term, and we have prioritised our financial resources to make changes to the hotel that will achieve the best benefit for a whole range of disabilities.

Our website

We aim to make our website as accessible to everyone as possible, no matter what browser you choose to use, and whether or not you have any challenges.


To make it easier to read or view content on our website, all has been made fully scalable using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), which allows content to be adjusted as required. Settings are dependent on the browser being using but can be found by using the accessibility function in the browser’s menu.


Through customer satisfaction surveys, audits and input from our management team, we believe that we are able to meet and improve our services to disabled guests. However, should you have any concerns or wish to report any failings, we would ask you to contact us directly on


Resident Hotels has adopted the following principles:

  • To incorporate Equality Act 2010 requirements into new build and maintenance of both the interior and exterior of the premises.
  • To ensure that all printed communications comply with the RNIB guidelines.
  • To ensure that staff receive the appropriate training on the latest Equality Act 2010 and the final rights of access October 2004.
  • When replacing signage, we will ensure that new signage is clear and complies with the Act.
  • To ensure our disabled toilet is fully accessible at all times.
  • To ensure that a member of staff is available 24 hours a day to assist guests who request additional services in advance.
  • We will ensure that information is available in large print on request, or alternatively, that a member of staff is available to explain the contents.
  • It is our aim to complete access assessments of our premises annually. We will incorporate requirements into either the short or long term plan.
  • Take the necessary action to ensure that we comply with the Act once a failing has been brought to our attention, by incorporating it in either our short or long term plan.
  • We will continue to seek the views of our guests through guest satisfaction surveys.
  • Ensure that all hazards are removed once brought to our attention or highlighted as a hazard.


Please find our accessibility guides below…

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