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One Day in Edinburgh

Walk in the footsteps of Emma and Dexter and discover the enchanting city behind the hit Netflix show.

  • Cityscape of Edinburgh from Arthur's Seat in a beautiful summer day in Scotland,. As seen in Netflix's One Day

Explore the city behind Netflix’s One Day

Like countless others, you may have witnessed the recent television phenomenon ‘One Day’ as it debuted on Netflix. Based on the beloved bestselling novel of the same name by David Nicholls, fall in love with Edinburgh all over again and watch Emma and Dexter meet for the first time in Edinburgh.

Soon it will be the optimal time to rediscover our stunning city, from the heights of Arthur’s Seat to the cobbled streets of the New Town. Join guests from across the globe and indulge in one of the latest trends in travel, ‘set-jetting’, where travellers visit sets and cities featured in beloved films and television series and experience first-hand Edinburgh’s characterful charm.

Feeling captivated by the stunning Scottish capital or craving a romantic weekend in Edinburgh of your own? Walk in the footsteps of Emma and Dexter and unearth all our magnificent city has to offer.


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The Book behind the hit Netflix Sensation

What is One Day?

Did you miss the news of Netflix’s latest sensation? Discover the 20-year love story of Emma and Dexter, adapted from David Nicholls’ bestselling novel. Set in Edinburgh, One Day follows Emma and Dexter’s lives over two decades, each episode (or in the case of the book, chapter) unfolding on the same day each year, from their very first meeting at the University of Edinburgh.

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Netflix breathes new life into a modern classic

15 years after the original novel’s publication in 2009, David Nicholls’ award-winning novel has now been adapted for the screen by Netflix, streaming now. Exploring love, friendship, and loss, One Day’s new adaption offers a poignant portrayal of human connection against the stunning scenery of Scotland’s capital.

Local Gems & Landmarks in Netflix’s One Day


Experience first-hand the stunning scenery and characterful cobbled streets featured throughout the series, whether this be from the peak of Arthur’s Seat, the hallowed halls of the university, or on our doorstep in Edinburgh’s elegant New Town.

Whether you’re hoping to see your favourite novel come to life before your eyes or simply looking for a little inspiration for a romantic weekend in Edinburgh, discover the locations featured in the series below…

The University of Edinburgh

The Old College Courtyard

Visit the spot where Dexter and Emma first meet, the University of Edinburgh’s Old College Courtyard, amidst a roaring graduation ball. Wander the fabled halls of the Old College and admire the stunning neoclassical architecture and cosy atmosphere of this historical landmark. Perhaps even combine your visit with a trip to the University’s Talbot Rice Gallery and experience all the college has to offer.

In and Around The Meadows

Emma's Flat on Rankeillor Street

While to many Emma and Dexter’s flats may appear interchangeable, explore the distinct neighbourhoods shown in One Day, ranging from Dexter’s Flat in what appears to be the New Town and Emma’s student house on Rankeillor Street, showing a distinctly different cultural feel and financial background from Dexter, a central theme of the novel. The location of Emma and Dexter’s first night together, Emma’s flat is closely modelled on the author’s own residence in Edinburgh in the late 80s.

Featuring Panoramic Views of Edinburgh

Arthur's Seat

The backdrop to two poignant scenes at both the beginning and end of the show, Arthur’s Seat represents the tender beginning of Emma and Dexter’s relationship, as well as the series’ bittersweet ending 20 years later.  With a series of paths at ranging difficulties and panoramic views of the city, enjoy an idyllic morning atop Edinburgh’s extinct volcano.

Traverse Edinburgh's Georgian New Town

Dexter's Flat

While the exact filming location of Dexter’s Edinburgh flat is yet to be revealed, the street bears resemblance to the quintessential Georgian architecture of the New Town. Ideally situated where the New Town meets the West End, explore the scenery shown in One Day from The Resident Edinburgh in Drumsheugh Gardens or explore a little further south and take in breathtaking views of the castle.

A Spot for Romance

The Vennel Steps

Perhaps the location that keen fans of Netflix One Day should be the most excited to visit, the Vennel Steps offer stunning views of Edinburgh Castle on the mount, serving as the backdrop to the series finale’s bittersweet closing scene, recounting the very start of Emma and Dexter’s 20 year relationship.

Feel at Home with The Resident Edinburgh


Beyond the specific filming locations of the show, why not take a little time to embrace the natural atmosphere and gothic landscape of the Scottish capital on your visit? A city unlike any other, experience Edinburgh’s distinctly romantic landscape for yourself this summer.

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