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What started as just a few restaurants in the 1950s is now home to a bustling neighbourhood of Chinese shops, restaurants and culture.

  • London Chinatown traditional gate and Chinese lanterns.

Escape to Chinatown


Enjoy a taste of international travel without leaving our local neighbourhood, with a visit to vibrant Chinatown. From authentic Chinese dining to vibrant cultural events and scenic streets adorned with iconic red lanterns, immerse yourself in the thrills of a new culture just moments from The Resident. 

Discover authentic Chinese cuisine, from steaming noodle shops to elegant dim sum palaces. Explore regional specialities, each a symphony of flavours waiting to tantalize your taste buds. Peking duck, dumplings, and stir-fries are just a glimpse of the delicious journey that awaits you, from extravagant dinner options to quick, light bites.

Looking to travel slightly further afield? With an extraordinary selection of Asian cuisines, ice cream shops and experiences surrounding Chinatown, discover the cuisine of Japan, Thailand or the Philippines.  

Beyond the food, immerse yourself in a cultural kaleidoscope. Explore ornate temples, witness the vibrant celebrations of Chinese New Year, or browse shops overflowing with silks, ceramics, and traditional crafts. Each experience offers a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Chinese customs and traditions.

Learn a few Mandarin phrases, soak in the unique atmosphere, and broaden your horizons. Explore the festivals, events, and cooking classes many Chinatowns offer – a chance to delve deeper into this fascinating world.