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Edinburgh Castle

One of the oldest fortified places in all of Europe, experience Scotland’s most treasured heritage site, Edinburgh’s ancient fortress and unearth the dark history of Britain’s most besieged castle.




  • The view of Edinburgh Castle on Castle Rock from the West Prince Street Gardens, with the Ross Fountain

Explore the Fabled Halls of Edinburgh Castle


First dated back to the 12th century, Edinburgh Castle has been home to countless Scottish rulers across history, including Mary Queen of Scots and James VI of Scotland (James I of England), and served as the backdrop for much of the Wars of Independence between Scotland and England. Today, Edinburgh Castle is home to the Scottish Crown Jewels, the mystic Stone of Destiny and Mons Meg, a staggering-six tonne war cannon first gifted to James II of Scotland in 1457.

Marvel at the Crown Jewels of Scotland, glittering symbols of royal power, and witness the thunderous tradition of the One O’Clock Gun. Behold the awe-inspiring Mons Meg, a colossal medieval cannon, and discover the Stone of Destiny, a sacred relic of the Scottish monarchy. Stroll through St. Margaret’s Chapel, the castle’s oldest gem, and step into the grandeur of the Great Hall, where echoes of royal banquets still linger.

Discover all of this and more as well as a poignant tribute to Edinburgh’s fallen soldiers throughout the centuries, with a selection of monuments and memorials located at the entrance to the castle.

Visiting in the summertime? Witness the castle in a whole new light as the city transforms for the Edinburgh festival and the fortress is home to the legendary Royal Military Tattoo.