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Scott Monument

An iconic, gothic Edinburgh landmark and one the largest cenotaphs devoted to a writer in the world. The Scott monument celebrates the work and legacy of Scottish legend, Sir Walter Scott, author of beloved classics including Ivanhoe and The Lady of the Lake.

  • The Scott Monument Tower and statue of Sir Walter Scott, located on Prince's Street, Edinburgh.

Visit Edinburgh’s Poignant Tribute to Walter Scott


Towering over Edinburgh’s Princes Street Gardens, a visit to the Scott Monument is a must for visitors to the city. A magnificent tribute to Sir Walter Scott, one of Scotland’s greatest authors, the monument is a touching testament to Edinburgh’s extraordinary literary history. 

Sir Walter Scott was a novelist, poet, playwright, and historian whose works, such as Ivanhoe and Rob Roy, captivated readers across the globe. He’s credited with reviving historical fiction and influencing countless writers. 

This Gothic monument, completed in 1846, soars over 200 feet and is the second-largest monument dedicated to a writer in the world. Designed by George Meikle Kemp, its intricate details include 68 carved figures adorning niches – characters brought to life from Scott’s novels. 

Climbing the 287 steps rewards visitors with panoramic views of Edinburgh. The Scott Monument stands as a lasting tribute to the enduring legacy of Sir Walter Scott, the man who shaped Scottish literature and continues to inspire readers today.

Take a moment to admire the monument from afar, with stunning views to be enjoyed from Princes Street Gardens, the city centre and even parts of the Old Town.