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Liverpool FC at Anfield

Visit the home of Liverpool FC for an insight into the city’s great history of success in the game.

  • The Liverpool FC Anfield stadium

Ready, Set, Match! Explore Anfield Stadium


Witness the heart and soul of Liverpool football at Anfield Stadium, the legendary home of Liverpool Football Club.  This hallowed ground, throbbing with over a century of history, beckons passionate fans and curious explorers alike.

Tour the stadium and retrace the steps of footballing giants. Feel the electricity as you walk down the players’ tunnel and imagine the roar of the crowd. Stand on the hallowed turf of the Kop, renowned for its unwavering devotion and electrifying atmosphere.

Why not catch a game and cheer on your team’s stadium side? As an internationally beloved team both in Europe and further afield, experience the exhilaration of a premier league match. Or with a range of concerts taking place in Anfield Stadium, including Taylor Swift’s record-breaking Eras Tour, discover the unexpected but exceptional home of music in Liverpool.

Anfield isn’t just a stadium, it’s a pilgrimage site. Here, dreams are realized, legends are born, and the beautiful game thrives. Whether you crave a glimpse behind the scenes or yearn to experience the unbridled passion of a match day, Anfield offers an unforgettable experience.