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St Luke's Bombed Out Church

Once a parish church, St Luke’s bombed-out church is now considered to be one of Liverpool’s most vibrant cultural venues, home to a variety of film screenings as well as theatrical and musical performances.

  • St Luke's Bombed out Church

A Poignant Piece of History: St Luke’s Bombed-Out Church


Liverpool wears its history on its sleeve, and no landmark embodies this resilience quite like St Luke’s Bombed-Out Church. This evocative ruin, once a thriving 19th-century church, stands as a powerful testament to the city’s spirit during World War II.

In 1941, during the infamous Liverpool Blitz, an incendiary bomb ravaged the church, leaving only its external walls standing. For over six decades, the site lay dormant, a silent witness to the city’s rebirth. In the early 2000s, a remarkable transformation began. St Luke’s was reborn as a vibrant multi-disciplinary arts venue and a poignant war memorial.

Today, the skeletal beauty of St Luke’s Bombed-Out Church creates a unique and atmospheric setting. Explore the open-air space and soak in the historic surroundings. The exposed brickwork and the remnants of stained glass windows stand as a stark reminder of the destruction, yet also hint at the former glory of the church.

St Luke’s isn’t just a monument to the past; it’s a thriving hub for the present. Throughout the year, the venue comes alive with a diverse program of events. Catch anything from bustling craft fairs and lively quiz nights to captivating music gigs and thought-provoking theatre productions or cinema screenings.

This unique space fosters a strong sense of community, offering a platform for local artists, performers, and creatives to showcase their talents. Whether you seek a dose of history, a vibrant cultural experience, or simply a place for quiet reflection, St Luke’s Bombed-Out Church offers a truly unforgettable encounter.