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Liverpool Cathedral

Wander through the UK’s largest cathedral, here in Liverpool and discover its breathtaking towers, featuring stunning views across the city.

  • Liverpool Cathedral exterior

Liverpool Cathedral: A Monumental Masterpiece


Liverpool Cathedral, the largest cathedral and religious building in Britain, isn’t just a place of worship – it’s a breathtaking architectural marvel that dominates the city skyline. Construction began in 1904 on a design by Giles Gilbert Scott and wasn’t completed until 1978, making it a true testament to enduring vision.

This Gothic Revival masterpiece boasts several awe-inspiring features. Take in the world’s highest Gothic arches, soaring 160 feet (49 meters) and creating a sense of immense scale. Climb the tower, offering panoramic views stretching across Merseyside and beyond on a clear day. Explore the serene Lady Chapel, a haven for quiet reflection adorned with beautiful stained-glass windows.

Liverpool Cathedral isn’t just about grandeur; it’s a place of history and artistic expression. Step into the breathtaking Lady Caine Memorial Window, depicting the Last Supper in a stunning kaleidoscope of colours. Marvel at the intricate carvings on the choir stalls, each one a unique work of art. Explore the interactive cathedral exhibition, delving into the fascinating story behind its construction.

Beyond its religious significance, Liverpool Cathedral plays a pivotal role in the city’s cultural scene. The cathedral regularly hosts a variety of events, from classical music concerts and organ recitals to art exhibitions and thought-provoking talks. It’s also a popular choice for weddings and other special occasions.

Whether you’re a spiritual seeker, an architecture enthusiast, or simply curious about Liverpool’s heritage, Liverpool Cathedral is a must-visit. This awe-inspiring landmark offers a space for contemplation, artistic exploration, and a chance to connect with the city’s vibrant spirit.