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Royal Liver Building

Tour some of the landmark’s hidden secrets before journeying to the 15th floor to enjoy panoramic views across Liverpool.

  • Exterior of the Royal Liver Building

Liverpool’s Most Legendary Monument


Liverpool’s skyline wouldn’t be the same without the iconic Royal Liver Building. This grand Grade I listed structure, nicknamed the “Three Graces” along with its neighbouring buildings, stands proudly at the Pier Head. Opened in 1911, it was once the tallest building in Europe and remains a majestic landmark.

The Royal Liver Building boasts several unique features. One of the first buildings in the world built using reinforced concrete, it was a pioneering feat of engineering. But its most recognizable feature is undoubtedly the Liver Birds perched atop its towers. These mythical creatures said to be a male and female pair named Bertie and Bella, have become symbols of Liverpool, watching over the city and the sea, protecting Liverpool’s innumerable sailors. Legend has it that if they ever fly away, the city will cease to exist.

Today, the Royal Liver Building offers a variety of experiences. Explore the visitor centre and delve into the building’s history. Take a guided tour and ascend to the 15th-floor viewing platform for breathtaking 360-degree panoramas of Liverpool and beyond. Immerse yourself in the city’s rich heritage with an audio-visual show set within the historic clock tower.

The Royal Liver Building has also served as a backdrop for popular culture. Most recently, pop icon Taylor Swift filmed parts of her music video for ‘I Can See You’ within the building, showcasing its grandeur to a global audience.

Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor, the Royal Liver Building is a must-see. This architectural marvel offers a glimpse into Liverpool’s past, present, and the stunning cityscapes that await you.