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World Museum

First opened in 1853, explore the hallowed halls of one of Liverpool’s oldest landmarks, the World Museum and experience their world-class selection of archaeology and world sciences exhibitions. Whether your interests lie in antiquities, world culture or natural history, discover the museum’s extensive collection in the heart of the city.

  • World Museum, Liverpool

A Haven of Natural Sciences


Embark on a captivating global adventure at the World Museum Liverpool, a treasure trove overflowing with millions of years of history under one roof. This free-to-enter museum is a haven for curious minds of all ages, offering a chance to delve into archaeology, ethnology, natural history, and physical sciences.

Prepare to be transported across continents and cultures. Explore the wonders of ancient Egypt in the museum’s renowned collection, featuring mummies and artefacts that unveil the mysteries of the pharaohs. Journey through the Clore Natural History Centre, a haven for nature enthusiasts, where you can come face-to-face with prehistoric creatures, dazzling minerals, and fascinating wildlife specimens.

Intrigued by human history? The World Cultures gallery showcases a captivating collection of objects from around the world, each piece whispering stories of diverse civilizations. Learn about the evolution of communication through the fascinating displays in the Weston Discovery Centre.

Little ones won’t be left out! The museum offers dedicated spaces designed to spark their curiosity and ignite a love for learning. Let them loose in the Little Liverpool play zone, a haven for imaginative adventures, or marvel at the Bug House, where the natural wonders of the earth’s smallest inhabitants takes centre stage.

World Museum Liverpool isn’t just about static displays; it’s a dynamic hub for exploration. Witness captivating planetarium shows, delve into special exhibitions that delve into diverse themes, or participate in engaging workshops and family events.

So, step into the World Museum Liverpool and unlock a world of wonder. It’s the perfect destination for a family day out, a solo exploration, or a journey of self-discovery through the vast tapestry of human history and the natural world.