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Walker Art Gallery

A beautiful Victorian neo-classical building that holds an impressive collection of paintings, sculptures and decorative art.

  • Walker Gallery, Liverpool

Liverpool’s Artistic Heart: Walker Art Gallery


Liverpool boasts a vibrant cultural scene, and at its centre stands the extraordinary Walker Art Gallery, a haven for art lovers for over 147 years. This architectural gem houses a world-class collection that rivals London’s best, offering a captivating journey through artistic eras.

Step inside and prepare to be dazzled by masterpieces across time. European Renaissance brilliance by Rubens and Rembrandt hangs alongside the intricate details of Victorian and Pre-Raphaelite works by Rossetti and Millais. Impressionist masterpieces by Monet and Degas transport you with light and movement, ensuring the Walker Art Gallery caters to every artistic preference.

But the artistic expression goes beyond the canvas. Delve deeper with the impressive sculpture collection, showcasing the evolution of form from neo-classicism to modern interpretations. Explore a range of decorative arts, each piece a window into a bygone era. The Walker Art Gallery isn’t afraid of changing times, hosting captivating temporary exhibitions that guarantee a dynamic experience on every visit.

This artistic haven prioritizes inclusivity. Free admission allows everyone to immerse themselves in artistic inspiration. Level access, ramps, lifts, and accessible toilets ensure a welcoming experience for all visitors. Family-friendly activities and engaging events make the Walker Art Gallery a delightful escape for art enthusiasts of all ages.

Whether you’re a seasoned art aficionado or simply curious to discover the power of artistic expression, the Walker Art Gallery promises an enriching experience. Unleash your inner explorer and delve into Liverpool’s artistic heart.