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As His Majesty’s coronation approaches with tremendous speed, we will soon see our first season of royal garden parties under the reign of King Charles III.

  • Pall Mall, London

Your Guide to the 2023 Royal Garden Parties


His Majesty’s first garden party is set to take place mere days before the coronation on the 3rd of May 2023, with a second party to follow just 3 days after the coronation, granting well wishers the opportunity to congratulate our new monarch.

Considered one of the most elusive tickets of the season, guests are handpicked from a selection of nominated public servants, ranging from council members to philanthropists all of whom have been nominated by peers or constituents for their outstanding work in their communities.

If you have been so lucky as to secure this year’s golden ticket to Buckingham Palace, you may expect lavish food, stylish fashion, and an up-close glimpse of our new king in the flesh.

Guests may expect to be in the finest of company and as such should expect to dress to impress. Attire for a royal event can be a little intimidating, however the palace has kindly set the following guidelines to help you pack for your visit… Ladies are expected to come dressed to the nine, whether they would prefer a day dress and fascinator, military uniform, or a sleek trouser suit. Gentlemen attending the event may wear their finest morning coat, military uniform, or a comfortable lounge suit. Buckingham Palace kindly requests that no medals be worn to the event, however chains of office or national dress are permitted.

Guests are also asked to kindly present two separate forms of identification upon arrival, in the interest of ensuring the safety and security of the event.

To learn more about Buckingham Palace’s garden parties, click here.

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