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Andy Warhol: Beyond the Brand

Until the 6th of May 2024


Explore the work and style of pop art icon Andy Warhol with the Halcyon Gallery’s new exhibition ‘Beyond the Brand’.

Halcyon Gallery, Bond Street

Discover the art beyond the legend with ‘Andy Warhol: Beyond the Brand’


Until the 6th of May 2024

Step into the mesmerizing world of Andy Warhol: Beyond the Brand at the Halcyon Gallery…

This immersive exhibition transcends the iconic imagery Warhol is renowned for, delving deeper into the complexities of his artistic vision. Discover Warhol’s groundbreaking exploration of consumer culture, fame, and the human condition through a curated collection of his influential works.

From his iconic Campbell’s Soup Cans to his mesmerizing portraits of celebrities, delve into the layers of meaning behind Warhol’s artistry. Explore how he blurred the lines between high art and mass culture, challenging traditional notions of creativity and celebrity. Through paintings, prints, and multimedia installations, experience the enduring impact of Warhol’s provocative commentary on society.


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